The production process currently used by New Farben derives from synergies between the laboratory and the production department itself. Any dyes required by our customers are sampled in our laboratory, using equipment of the latest generation. At work completed, tissues are tested in quality parameters studied through direct and refresher courses. The goods are delivered to the customer only after having passed these strict controls.

The use of substances ecologically tested and guaranteed, allow us to offer products that can be distribuited across the European market, very carefull to the environment and health. An achievement in this sense, is certified with the OEKOTEX mark of our work.


The more exigent market requires in addition to perfect dyes, treatments and finishing processes always new and cutting edge technologies. This process is implemented by our company with using machines designed and built according to the indications of our managers of finishing, achieving results that are our exclusive property.

The treatments are aimed at both natural fibers and synthetic ones, now present in a decisive way in the textile market, as well as yarn dyed fabrics. Even in this very important phase of our work, decisive is certainly the use of technologically advanced machines, but especially the human resource, that with the experience and technical capabilities determines a result of very high quality, and is capable of being able to formulate for each individual client customized solutions for any type of fabric.


Our optical bleaching process offers a hint of white light and very clear that it is not by chance that we call it "white ice".

Reactive dyes

Performed on cellulosic fibers and their blends in order to obtain high strength and brilliance of the tones. This process is used for the composition of clothing for outdoor.

Indantren dyes

Requested for military or hospital supplies, they have a solid color that can also be treated with chemical disinfectants maintaining the initial tone.


With particular and very sophisticated processes you can get a fabric with aging effect, with characteristics of color and softness to make it look to all effects already used several times.

Mercerization (Coratex)

Used on 100% cotton fabrics suitable to give elasticity, gloss and mechanical strength.

Sanforizing (Valemar treatment)

For a high quality market, improves the dimensional stability of fabrics.

Nylon and Polyester dyes

Used on 100% fabrics or blended with elastomeric give to the clothing particular comfort.

Lainage treatment

Treatment applied to fabrics used both for underwear and the exterior, make the same particularly soft and warm.

Elasten treatment

Applied to fabrics treated with Mercerizing (Coratex) makes the same very shiny and elastic.

Ecoten treatment

Used in particular for the underwear and sanitary items, precludes the formation of bacteria and molds.

Idroten treatment

For nylon and polyester fabrics, making them waterproof and protects against oil stains.

Enzyme treatment (Silken)

Process to make the fabric soft and silky to the touch.

Hydrophilic treatment (Naturen)

For nylon and polyester fabrics makes the same breathable as a natural fiber.

Soften treatment

For nylon and polyester fabrics, making them very soft and fluffy.